Coh2 September 09 patch – Changes to ‘War spoils’ and unit ability tweaks

War SpoilsWar spoil optimizations will result in greater item variation; previously some item categories were weighed heavier than intended resulting in a greater drop frequency. e.g. face plates. In addition, we have enhanced the player’s ability to sort and filter items within the inventory. A new Wehrmacht commander has also been added to the game. It […]

Coh2 -Veterancy Guide – OberKommando West

Infantry Sturmpioneer Unlocks medical supplies ability -30% weapon cooldown -23% received accuracy +25% repair rate unlocks stun grenade ability -23% received accuracy +20% accuracy +40% accuracy Lowers extra damage while repairing Volksgrenadier -10% received accuracy +30% accuracy -20% weapon cooldown -10% received accuracy Healing when out of combat +40% sight range +30% accuracy -29% received […]

Coh2 -Veterancy Guide – United States Forces

Infantry Riflemen Unlocks AT Rifle grenade -23% received accuracy -20% weapon cooldown +30% accuracy -50% ability recharge +25% grenade range Rear Echelon Troops +20% accuracy Add 1 man to the squad -23% received accuracy -20% weapon cooldown Lieutenant -10% received accuracy -25% weapon cooldown -29% received accuracy +30% accuracy Sprint when out of combat Captain […]

Observer mode coming soon!

Observer Mode coming soon! In testing now! Boom. — Company Of Heroes (@companyheroes) August 15, 2014

July 31st updates – Katyusha & Panzerwerfer nerfs

General M2HB .50 Cal previously had a +25% accuracy modifier instead of the intended +25% received accuracy modifier Adjusted the vet modifiers of the KV-1 to reflect its intended performance enhancements Lowered the accuracy modifier of paratroopers from 1.4 to 1.25 to account for the squad healing which was added to veterancy level 2 Elite […]