March 31 Patch – 7 New maps & extensive balance tweaks

MAPS The following NEW Relic Maps have been added to Automatch and Custom games: (6-8) General Mud (2) Angoville (previously a COH1 map, now with COH2 freshness!) The following Community Maps have been added to Custom games and Automatch as part of the Community Map Spotlight Series. Congratulations to the talented map makers that have […]

Feb 4th Patch – Bug fixes but no balance tweaks

Multiplayer Fixes: OKW Jagdpanzer IV cost corrected; reduced to 400 Manpower from 480 Manpower. Fixed an exploit where players could stack the USF Rear Echelon’s “Volley Fire” ability by crewing and de-crewing vehicles. Changed the Classic Hot Key for “Cancel Construction” to “X” to prevent players from accidentally scuttling their structures. Mines are no longer permanently revealed after […]

USA – Airbourne Strategy

How to play as USA – Airbourne This strategy isn’t perfect, but has been the standard lineup for a lot of replays that I’ve seen recently and seems pretty solid. USA late game is pretty lame in the recent patch, therefore the recommendation on the M8A1 to counter troops and encourage aggressive capping to prevent the […]

December 8 Patch!

FeaturesPerformance ImprovementsSeveral optimizations were made that improve the game’s frame rate. Entity extensions that have expensive updates now run in parallel on multiple processor cores. Optimized weapon targeting update. Optimized PropertyBagGroup lookups by pre-caching them to allow for constant time lookup. Replaced temporary data structures using heap allocators with stack allocators. Optimized path finding algorithms. […]

Long awaited October 22 patch – Coh2 observer mode announced

In order to make it easier for players to opt-in to the Beta, we are going with a ‘side by side install. This is new to our beta process, and is an alternative to the slightly more complicated ‘opt in’ process that we have previously used. It is a small hit to hard drive space […]

Coh2 September 09 patch – Changes to ‘War spoils’ and unit ability tweaks

War SpoilsWar spoil optimizations will result in greater item variation; previously some item categories were weighed heavier than intended resulting in a greater drop frequency. e.g. face plates. In addition, we have enhanced the player’s ability to sort and filter items within the inventory. A new Wehrmacht commander has also been added to the game. It […]