Benchmarks confirm Company of heroes 2 performance issues

Finding that your rig can’t handle Company of Heroes 2, especially once the snow kicks in? You’re not the only one! Hard OCP ran CoH2 across a range of graphics cards and found that even the ‘high end’ cards struggled to run the game at 2560×1600 on high settings, with most cards struggling to even run […]

Bad performance on a large monitor? Try running in ‘windowed’ mode.

Step 1: Right Click on ‘Company of Heroes 2’ in your Steam Game Library and click on ‘Properties’. Step 2: Click on ‘Set Launch Options’ button, Step 3: Add the following line (without the quotes): ‘-window -lockmouse’ Step 4: Click ‘Ok’ and then click ‘Close’ button. Step 5: Launch the game normally as you do.

Disable ‘replays’ for a performance boost

Struggling to keep your framerate at playable levels? Firstly ensure your system is optimised, then try disabling replays to see if that makes a difference: Go to your my documents folder Navigate to my games then select Company of Heroes 2 Right click on the playback folder and select properties Select security and click edit Select the system user group Tick the deny box for the write […]