COH2 Features Sneak Peak

Some of the upcoming Company of Heroes 2 features have been revealed in a recent issue of PC Action. 110 people work on COH2 Again the right use of the dynamic game environment is important, not the amount of troops Campaign takes place from 22. June 1941 until Berlin 1945 Producer Greg Wilson says that […]

COH2 official forum Launched

THQ have opened up the official COH2 forum so people can discuss the game and get responses from some of the COH2 team. They’ve been pretty tight lipped so far but there’s some great discussions going on on the official announcement thread.

THQ Officialy Announce COH:2

An official press release from THQ has confirmed the release of Company of Heroes 2 in “early 2013”, as well as a tasty screenshot which highlights the new fire and snow effects. This comes off the back of sneak-preview photos of a magazine article released via Reddit we highlighted last week. Features also confirmed by […]

Company of Heroes 2 Release Date

Photographs of a magazine article submitted to Reddit have leaked that a sequel to the award winning Company of Heroes will be coming in 2013. Click here for the full thread on Reddit and here for more information. Source Reddit

Company of Heroes 2 Features Announced!

A magazine in the UK has released a issue outlining the new installation of Company of Heroes, with an release date of 2013. According to the source, the game will be set on the Eastern front where Stalingrad, Smolensk, Kursk and Moscow, the location where “13 of the 15 bloodiest battles” of World War II […]