Company of Heroes Map Editor set for Nov 12 release

Relic has announced that the ‘Turning point’ update due on November 12 will also feature the eagerly awaited Company of Heroes 2 World Editor. The map builder will allow users to create their own multiplayer maps and was an integral part of the success of the original Company of Heroes game (hence the ‘turning point’ […]

Soviet Hints and Tips

The Soviet Union in Company of Heroes combines large masses of infantry with quick mechanized armor into a formidable and aggresively oriented force. Players of vCoh and Opposing Fronts will notice the distinct similarities in playstyles and units between the Soviets , Americans, and Panzer Elite. A good Soviet Player will be aggressive and unrelenting […]

New COH2 UI screenshots

Hot on the heels of the announcement of an official release date,  the offical COH2 blog has posted some screenshots of the new user interface. The overall layout and design has (not suprisingly) remained similar to that in COH, but there have been some notable improvements in the following areas: The aesthetic of the minimap image […]

COH2 Beta Review

Relic News Forum moderator Hirmetrium had a hands on with the COH2 beta, here’s some of what he had to say: Mortars have been made RIDICULOUS. The explosive effects and sounds we’re shocking to the system, and looked amazing. Vaulting was shown off – already well covered – you click on a bit of wall and […]

Company of Heroes 2 Gameplay Preview talked to COH2 game director Quinn Duff, and he explains the new “True Sight” feature, AI and vehicle improvements. Source: