April 27th Patch

April 27th Patch A minor update has been applied to fix an issue in Ardennes Assault and provide support for the upcoming balance preview mod. * AA rewards are now granted correctly in all situations. * Support for several icons to be used by future balance mods.


APRIL 20th UPDATE BALANCE SOVIET Maxim HMG We felt the Maxim HMG was overperforming in the early game due to its fast set-up. We also made adjustments to its build time and cost so it takes longer to reach the field and so it doesnt replace mainline infantry. * Set-up from 1.5 to 2. * […]

April 6th – Bug Fix Patch

April 6th – Bug Fix Patch This patch was implemented to address some major bugs in Ardennes Assault as well as some issues in matchmaking. A larger update is scheduled for later this month. * Fixed issue in Ardennes Assault with several upgrades not functioning correctly. * Fixed issue with Automatch to reduce wait times […]


MARCH 9th HOTFIX Fixed the issue where veterency modifiers were not applied correctly to newly re-enforced units in an infantry squad Fixed several small issues in Automatch search


MARCH 11th HOTFIX Addressed several minor bugs and did some housecleaning regarding data related to veterancy (including fixing the community highlighted issues with AT guns and the MG34).