War Spoils 2.0 Update – June 7th

NEW WAR SPOILS SYSTEM Changes to Loot Drops Firstly the system will no longer drop duplicate items. Additionally, you now only receive items for factions that you own (Prior to this update drops were biased towards the currently played army but were possible for all armies.). You may now also receive a new currency called […]

May 18th Hotfix

May 18th Hotfix Bug Fix Fixed a bug that was causing some players to crash at launch

May 24th Hotfix

May 24th Hotfix Bug Fix Fixed a bug that was causing a small portion of players to crash at launch

May 17th Update

May 17th Update New Content Two new Valkyria Chronicles-themed skins sets for the Soviet and the OKW factions will be given to everyone who logs in on May 17th (and to anyone who logs in the 30 days after) for free, to celebrate the release of Valkyria Chronicles Remastered on PS4. * Gallian Squad 7 […]

April 27th Patch

April 27th Patch A minor update has been applied to fix an issue in Ardennes Assault and provide support for the upcoming balance preview mod. * AA rewards are now granted correctly in all situations. * Support for several icons to be used by future balance mods.