New Company of Heroes 2 Game Guide – Hints and Tips

Are you new to Company of Heroes 2? Relic have released a new guide which covers the CoH2 gameplay functions, and may be helpful for new players and players who are transitioning from vCoh. The guide covers the following: Gettings started (game modes) Victory conditions (victory points vs annihilation) Resources (Standard, munitions and fuel) Combat […]

Russian Strategy – 4 Conscript Start

The  4 conscripts with molotov upgrade approach is now back to being a viable starting point for a Russian strategy, but be aware – most smart German players will be able to predict this strategy if they start seeing a heap of conscripts on the field. They’ll most likely counter with some light armor – in this case you can […]

COH2 – Tip of the Week: “Attack Ground”

Meanwhile, over at Reddit user Zed03 extrapolated on the video by providing a thorough list of uses of the ‘attack ground’ feature: Attack Ground can be used to clear mines with Panzershreks, 222’s with Autocannon, Mortars, AT guns and most tanks. Does not work with flame weapons. Attack Ground can be used to force units […]

Strategy and Unit balance – Beta vs December 2013

Haven’t played Company of Heroes 2 in a while? Here’s a list of strategy and unit balance tips to get you back i the game: A bunch of commanders have been added. Elite unit commander for the Germans can buy vet for units, soviet industry gives a big fuel bonus at the cost of total man […]

How to customize your Company of Heroes keyboard commands using AutoHotkeys

Unfortunately there is no way to configure custom keyboard shortcuts using the in-game options, however AutoHotkey is a great application that will let you re-map your keyboard shortcuts with ease. Step 1 – Install AutoHotkey Step 2 – Open up notepad and paste the following script (you may customize this to whatever shortcuts you require): #IfWinActive, […]

Bad performance on a large monitor? Try running in ‘windowed’ mode.

Step 1: Right Click on ‘Company of Heroes 2’ in your Steam Game Library and click on ‘Properties’. Step 2: Click on ‘Set Launch Options’ button, Step 3: Add the following line (without the quotes): ‘-window -lockmouse’ Step 4: Click ‘Ok’ and then click ‘Close’ button. Step 5: Launch the game normally as you do.