New Company of Heroes 2 Game Guide – Hints and Tips

Are you new to Company of Heroes 2? Relic have released a new guide which covers the CoH2 gameplay functions, and may be helpful for new players and players who are transitioning from vCoh. The guide covers the following: Gettings started (game modes) Victory conditions (victory points vs annihilation) Resources (Standard, munitions and fuel) Combat […]

August 20 Update – “Map veto” and heaps of balance tweaks

Updates August 20th, 2013 General • Added Map Veto for Automatch – Party hosts can now veto up to 1/3rd of applicable maps before beginning the automatch process. A veto counts as a vote against a map and the automatcher will only select among the maps with the fewest number of votes • Replays now […]

Unlock the Soviet ‘Mechanized Support Tactics’ commander

Alienware are giving away unlocks for the Soviet Mechanized Support Tactics commander, all you need to do is sign up to their site and claim a key. This versatile commander can counter a wide range of threats using elite infantry, air support and heavy artillery. Grab your key from the alienware site here.

CoH2 Faceplates

The Company of Heroes 2 “faceplate” feature adds a bit of ‘bling’ to your name on the loading screen – it’s a purely cosmetic feature which serves no real function other than showing off your mad levelling skills. Those who purchased the ‘collectors edition’ were granted a fancy faceplate as an incentive and  you receive a new faceplate when […]

New COH2 UI screenshots

Hot on the heels of the announcement of an official release date,  the offical COH2 blog has posted some screenshots of the new user interface. The overall layout and design has (not suprisingly) remained similar to that in COH, but there have been some notable improvements in the following areas: The aesthetic of the minimap image […]