New Company of Heroes 2 Game Guide – Hints and Tips

Are you new to Company of Heroes 2? Relic have released a new guide which covers the CoH2 gameplay functions, and may be helpful for new players and players who are transitioning from vCoh. The guide covers the following: Gettings started (game modes) Victory conditions (victory points vs annihilation) Resources (Standard, munitions and fuel) Combat […]

Another ‘broken’ patch?

Over at Reddit User kekcoh has posted a thorough breakdown of what’s wrong with the new patch, and I agree wholeheartedly, what do you think? Unfortunately, I don’t feel the game is fun anymore. I really can’t believe Relic released a patch that feels very untested. I believe that the game is heavily German favored […]

Strategy and Unit balance – Beta vs December 2013

Haven’t played Company of Heroes 2 in a while? Here’s a list of strategy and unit balance tips to get you back i the game: A bunch of commanders have been added. Elite unit commander for the Germans can buy vet for units, soviet industry gives a big fuel bonus at the cost of total man […]

Soviet Hints and Tips

The Soviet Union in Company of Heroes combines large masses of infantry with quick mechanized armor into a formidable and aggresively oriented force. Players of vCoh and Opposing Fronts will notice the distinct similarities in playstyles and units between the Soviets , Americans, and Panzer Elite. A good Soviet Player will be aggressive and unrelenting […]

CoH2 Faceplates

The Company of Heroes 2 “faceplate” feature adds a bit of ‘bling’ to your name on the loading screen – it’s a purely cosmetic feature which serves no real function other than showing off your mad levelling skills. Those who purchased the ‘collectors edition’ were granted a fancy faceplate as an incentive and  you receive a new faceplate when […]