COH2 Beta Re-opened for server stress test

With the closed beta having being disabled for the last few weeks many fans had been waiting in anticipation for the games’ official launch. It has now been announced that the Company of Heroes 2 Beta has been re-opened for server stress testing! This release is only available to those who had access to the closed […]

COH2 Beta keys only available on Steam Pre-orders

Amazon has stated that it will no longer be rewarding those who pre-order Company of Heroes 2 with a Beta key: PLEASE NOTE: As of Tuesday, April 2, the Beta is now live. Customers who pre-ordered up to and including April 1, 2013 will receive their Beta code in 24 hours. Orders made after April […]

Company of heroes 2 Beta – initial observations

The Company of heroes 2 beta is now available for anyone who pre-ordered the game on Steam, and prior to April 1st via Amazon (Click here to pre-order now if you haven’t already), and even though it is still in Beta the game is tight and plays brilliantly with only a few standout annoyances so far: Mortars […]

COH2 Closed Beta to start April 2

UPDATE 04/04/2013: The beta is now available to everyone who pre-ordered COH2 on Steam! Sega has announced that the Company of heroes 2 closed Beta will start on April 2, and will be open for ‘eligible pre-order customers only’. There also will be a second phase in the ‘coming weeks’ where a wider audience will get […]