Strategy and Unit balance – Beta vs December 2013

Haven’t played Company of Heroes 2 in a while?┬áHere’s a list of strategy and unit balance tips to get you back i the game: A bunch of commanders have been added. Elite unit commander for the Germans can buy vet for units, soviet industry gives a big fuel bonus at the cost of total man […]

Massive new patch released

Gameplay Getting a squad weapon while using an accessory weapon will now switch to the squad weapon when finished Dispatch not counting as ‘building’ a unit for intel bulletins Fixed squad inside a building doesn’t obey attack order to attack a specific enemy squad User can now use mini map to dispatch units from the […]

New COH2 Beta patch – New maps and flamer halftrack balances

Updates for June 18th, 2013 Maps New Maps Added to Bring The MP Map List To (4-6) Rzhev Winter (2-4) Kholodny Ferma Winter Battlefield (2-4) Prypiat River (2-4) Minsk Pocket (4) Moscow Outskirts Winter (4-6) Oka River Winter (6-8) Steppes (6-8) City 17 (6-8) City 17 Winter Battlefield (2-4) Kholodny Ferma (2-4) Prypiat River Winter […]


To mark the start of Operation Barbarossa, the German invasion of the Soviet Union, we are having a 2x XP weekend from June 22nd to June 23rd. Any battle fought in auto-match will give twice the experience points as normal. Be sure to play this weekend to level up before the game’s launch on June […]

COH2 Beta Patch Released, Now with TwitchTV!

Updates for June 13th, 2013 Game Updates Twitch fully unlocked for players Single Player E3 Demo Mission unlocked Tutorial Mission unlocked Stability fixes Compatibility fixes Balance Changes Anti-Tank grenades and Panzerfaust: – Range reduced from 20 to 15. Veterancy Change: – Rates changed from 50%/50% (Damage applied / received damage) to 75%/25%. Upkeep: – Rate […]