July 21 Update Additions

July 21 Update Additions

This update will go live on July 21st at 10:00am PST
The primary focus of the July 21st update is to continue the design upgrade of the existing factions to improve the overall balance of all factions in preparation for the introduction of the British Forces. This is the second phase migration of changes seen in the British Forces Alpha.

The next update will be on Sept 3rd which will introduce the British Forces Content.
July 14 Balance Preview

Thank you all for participating in the Balance Preview Mod and sending us feedback. We won’t be making any more updates to the mod as we are triggering our final build for the July 21st Patch Build. The Mod will remain up until the Patch goes live so enjoy. 🙂

Bug Fixes



We felt only units and abilities explicitly designed for the purpose of reconing an area should have camouflage detection so we are removing it from attack planes. We anticipate this will allow vehicles and units that can camouflage to better hide from attack plane abilities.

  • All attack planes had their camo detection radius reduced to 0
  • All recon planes that didnt already have it now has a camo detection radius of 90
    Rifleman, Volksgrenadiers, Conscripts, Grenadier
    We felt it all infantry should recieve a penalty for constructing during combat.
  • Now recieve construction penality modifers



Considering the cost of teching we felt the T34-85 needed a slight cost adjustment

  • Cost reduced from 400/140 to 380/130

Soviet Sandbags

We felt soviet sandbags had much too much health. We also felt it should have more health than other sandbags because it is a one block structure and when destroyed you lose the entire wall. Other factions create a fence wall and even if destroyed, half of the squad is still safe behind another.

  • Health reduced from 500 to 240


Sherman Easy Eight

Cosidering the cost of teching we felt the Sherman Easy Eight needed a slight cost adjustment.

  • Cost decreased from 400/145 to 380/140


Battle Phases

One of the Design Goals for the Wehrmacht was to give the faction flexibility in which they could tech. However, that was not the case due to the expensive nature of their battle phases. By offsetting the costs to the buildings instead of the upgrade it gives players an easier time to upgrade through battle phases.

  • Battle Phase 3 decreased from 200/60 to 100/45

Tech Buildings

  • Building 4 increased from 160/30 to 260/75

SdKfz 221 Scout Car

With a lot of light vehicles being available very early, we felt the Wehrmacht needed a light vehicle with a bit more punch. Also, we felt the upgrade was almost always an auto-click and not much of a choice.

  • The SdKfz 221 Scout Car is now the SdKfz 222 Scout Car. It will come with the KwK 30 2cm Autocannon by default.
  • Cost increased from 210/15 to 230/20

SdKfz 251 Halftrack

The Flame Projector upgrade being available on the 251 HT was a big problem in the past so we had to add a requirement to gate it but with so many more light vehicle counters available we felt it would be fine to remove the requirements for the Flame Projector upgrade.

  • Battle phase 2 requirement to upgrade to the Flame Projector removed.

PTRS rifle

Eventhough we liked the boost in performance of the PTRS Rifle, we felt it was doing a little too much damage to infantry. Its performance vs vehicles remain the same.

  • Damage reduced from 40 to 27
  • 13 Bonus damage added vs vehicles


June 21 Update Additional Bug Fixes
These issues may not be present in the tuning pack but will be deployed in the July 21 update.

  • Changed the near weapon accuracy on the Stug G from 0.6 to 0.06
  • Max CP Counter now caps 32
  • Units flickering in buildings and open top vehicles fixed
  • Units no longer warp to the building entrance.#

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