Russian Strategy – “Soviet Industry”

Build T2 right away, get 2-3 MGs, 1-2 mortars, 1 AT gun. Don’t be too aggressive, work with your partner to creep up on your enemy. The key is to avoid unit losses, which can be difficult with poor MG micro. If you micro MGs right, they’ll be hard to rout from their positions. I like getting mortars because they stay behind and typically take less casualties. It is important to make good decisions with manpower, and do your best to avoid losing too many units/models. 

Build T3 as soon as you have the fuel. I often like making my first purchase a M5 and upgrade to quad track. It is more useful than a T70, does comparable (and sometimes better) damage, and can help you reinforce. DONT LOSE IT. The downside to this unit is its high manpower/muni cost. Replacing it offsets the delicate balance of manpower to fuel for this doctrine.

This point is crucial – transition to late game. You MUST keep your infantry safe and alive, and avoid losses (Retreat early if you have to). Start stockpiling T34s. The advantage to this doctrine is stockpiling tanks and then overwhelming your enemy. Losing them 1 at a time shuts this down.

The KV2 is actually incredibly useful, and anyone who says otherwise is missing out. If the game is tight, and you’re having trouble, a KV2 in siege mode will serve as an anchor for your front line, and allow you to chase off all incoming infantry. The KV2 is very effective vs tanks now, but it cannot hit them well while in siege mode if the enemy tank is moving. You must mine the flanks, and protect it from units getting close. I have won countless team games by hunkering down a KV2 near 2 VPs and bleeding my enemy of infantry and manpower.

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