New Company of Heroes 2 Game Guide – Hints and Tips

Are you new to Company of Heroes 2? Relic have released a new guide which covers the CoH2 gameplay functions, and may be helpful for new players and players who are transitioning from vCoh.

The guide covers the following:

  • Gettings started (game modes)
  • Victory conditions (victory points vs annihilation)
  • Resources (Standard, munitions and fuel)
  • Combat
  • Cover
  • Suppression
  • ColdTech
  • Vehicles
  • Unit Roles
  • Common Tactical Situations

Here’s a sample:

Company of Heroes 2 (CoH2) is a real-time-strategy (RTS) game set during the Second World War on the Eastern Front. Capturing the intense combat between the invading German Wehrmacht forces and the valiant efforts by the Soviets to defend their homeland, Company of Heroes 2 puts players in control of one of these two armies. Each army has their own unique units, strategies and abilities.

This guide will walk you through the CoH2 multiplayer experience, teaching you the basics of how to play the game so that you can hop online and take on opposing armies.

Click here to view the full guide.

Company of Heroes 2 is available now at Amazon and on Steam.

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