Another ‘broken’ patch?

Over at Reddit User kekcoh has posted a thorough breakdown of what’s wrong with the new patch, and I agree wholeheartedly, what do you think?

Unfortunately, I don’t feel the game is fun anymore. I really can’t believe Relic released a patch that feels very untested. I believe that the game is heavily German favored now, and the search percentages with much higher German player % tends to reflect that.

First of all here is what I like about the patch:

  • I like the change to fuel costs to extend Tier 1 battles .
  • Penals have long needed some love, underused and weird tech position
  • Removal of putting snipers in clown cars. I used to use this, and it’s for the best it was removed.

That’s where it stops for me. I feel that the weapon profile change was largely untested and it simply ruins infantry combat at the moment. Also some of the balance changes don’t make sense in my opinion. Allow me to elaborate:

This is what I dislike about the patch:

  • Conscripts are useless now. Their damage is too low, they die too quickly, and these weaknesses no longer justify their MP cost. Anyone who argues otherwise is not being reasonable. When you consider the fact that Grenadiers are the same cost and are far more viable late game (with the LMG upgrade), it doesn’t make any sense balance wise. The increased lethality of infantry combat means that you have to babysit them constantly or risk losing them in the blink of an eye.
  • Going on this point, it seems Relic wanted to replace Conscripts with Penals as the main Soviet infantry. Here is the issue I have with that. Penals are only anti infantry, whereas cons have at nades and grens have panzershreks, Penals have 0 anti vehicle capability unless your opponent is braindead and you land a satchel on him. Penals should be a compliment to your force or a specialized unit, not a replacement to the basic infantry. Conscripts had this role originally, and it really baffles me why they were nerfed so heavily, conscripts were strong in the right hands but not exactly overpowered.
  • Going off on the point of increased lethality: I feel that the combination of the damage increase of small arms and the EXTREME damage of grenades means that keeping your infantry alive is no longer a challenge, rather now it is an absolute chore. Your units can die so quickly, and this goes against the whole concept of Company of Heroes. If I wanted to play a game where my infantry were expendable and died quickly, I can easily play Starcraft 2. I understand Relic’s desire to make infantry engagements more deadly, but this is too much. If I don’t pay attention to a squad for 3 seconds while I retreat another unit, a rifle grenade can destroy my entire squad. This isn’t fun anymore, it’s a chore. Keep in mind as I stated above I’ve played a LOT of vCoH, and let me tell you, it was never this bad. People who say the patch makes this game more like vCoH are right to a point, but greatly exaggerate. I can’t tell you how many high level late games where the Germans who just blob their zombie grens.
  • And now going to grenades, the change heavily favors the Germans. Why? Because their basic infantry unit (Grenadiers) which have always been a good unit has become even more powerful. A well placed rifle nade can wipe out your squads with ease, and at 25 ammo it’s not exactly a big investment. Conscripts in comparison have molotovs, good luck landing those against good Germans players, or Penal’s satchels, also very hard not to avoid for good players. Grenadiers tend to win battles against Penals/cons WITHOUT the rifle nades, throw in the rifle nade into the equation and you’ve got a serious problem.
  • Why were both Shocks and Guards rifles nerfed? Shocks are only viable now because the Soviets have no good infantry, but compared to their original state they are above average infantry, which doesn’t make sense considering the MP investment for a unit with not AT capabilities. Also guards rifle DP increase from 60 munition to 100 seems excessive, Guards are already very munitions heavy.
  • Bunkers either need to cost population or be moved to t1 or t2. Nothing is more frustrating than having a fuel secured the entire game for a 150 MP/60 muni investment. The engi demolition charge can destroy but it costs 90 munitions and they have to be able to plant it without being shot at, a tough ask against good German players. I am really surprised relic have not addressed this issue yet.
  • Assault Grenadiers. Jesus christ, I won’t even go over these fellows, I think it’s quite obvious how powerful they are when utilized correctly. Getting map control early almost always means a late game win for Germans.

What happens with these changes is not necessarily that one change makes or breaks the game, rather it is the accumulation of these minor changes that makes the game balance very lopsided. The Germans (in both VcoH and CoH 2) have always possessed better late game capabilities. Now the Germans are generally stronger in all phases of the game, which means that if they don’t completely screw up, they are always at an advantage.

Source – Reddit

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