COH2 – Tip of the Week: “Attack Ground”

Meanwhile, over at Reddit user Zed03 extrapolated on the video by providing a thorough list of uses of the ‘attack ground’ feature:

  • Attack Ground can be used to clear mines with Panzershreks, 222’s with Autocannon, Mortars, AT guns and most tanks. Does not work with flame weapons.
  • Attack Ground can be used to force units to shoot into fog of war.

Mortar’s auto attack is significantly more accurate than it’s barrage ability.

AT gun’s projectile will phase through terrain and most hedge LOS blockers.

Makes your opponent understand why smoke is a waste of 40 munitions.

Hitting units in fog of war will reveal them for other units that can’t attack ground. For example, spraying an Ostwind’s attack into fog will allow your sniper to shoot at units the Ostwind ‘hits’.

  • Attack Ground can be used to destroy crewed weapons.

Tanks which have poor anti infantry, such as SU85’s and Panthers, can kill an AT gun in 3 shots if told to attack ground on the weapon. Otherwise they ineffectively shoot at the crew members.

Completely decrewed weapons can be finished off so your enemy can’t get them back.

On a semi-related note, neutral entities like decrewed weapons and empty houses can be targeted with attack-move. In most cases it has better accuracy than attack ground, and allows units without attack ground command to attack decrewed weapons, such as guards.

  • Attack Ground can destroy green cover.
  • Attack Ground can be used to destroy most LOS blockers. The most common use is to clear hedge rows to open up AT gun field of view.
  • Attack Ground can be used to destroy impassible obstacles.

There are quite a few maps where an AT gun or Panzershreks can blow a hole in a wall to reduce travel time or kill a vault-able fence to reduce travel time for crewed weapons.

Hedge rows can be cleared in-front of the enemy base to enter the base without being attacked by static defences.

  • Attack Ground can create yellow cover.
  • Attack Ground can be used to rotate a turret on a vehicle to correct alignment. This is incredibly important for IS-2. Useful to turn Ostwind’s cannon towards plane call-ins and reduce it’s tracking time.
  • Attack Ground can be used to stop shooting the enemy. Seriously, there is no hold fire for vehicles. Sometimes the best way is to just tell them to shoot the ground. This comes into play where shooting an enemy will reveal your vehicle for counter attack and mostly happens with SU85/SU76 and spotting scope.
  • Attack ground can be used to force your vehicle to reload. Ever run in an Ostwind, it shoots 2 shots and then AFK’s? Well now its your fault, reload it next time.
  • Attack Ground with a flame weapon can be used to reload your artillery. Decrew it, recrew it, shoot again. The flame weapon does not deal damage to the weapon itself.
  • Attack Ground with a flame weapon can be used to ‘instantly’ destroy structures by setting them aflame. I say ‘instantly’ because it takes time for the building to burn down, but the second the burning effect starts the game forcefully ejects the building’s crew.
  • Attack Ground can be used to shoot outside your weapon’s range. The maximum range you can hit is range + scatter. This allows a mortar and at gun to hit targets up to ~10% out of range.

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