Strategy and Unit balance – Beta vs December 2013

Haven’t played Company of Heroes 2 in a while? Here’s a list of strategy and unit balance tips to get you back i the game:

  • A bunch of commanders have been added. Elite unit commander for the Germans can buy vet for units, soviet industry gives a big fuel bonus at the cost of total man power income. They’re probably the most stand-out of the lot.
  • Vehicle vet 2 for Germans no longer gives the units effectively twice as much HP, but instead about 30% more armor.
  • Stugs still suck. Price doesn’t match their AT role.
  • Shock troopers cost 400 man power but start with their PPSH upgrade researched.
  • 120mm Mortar crews are much less reliable, and more expensive.
  • SU85’s are much more effective at sniping, but vulnerable when exposed to direct combat.
  • Panthers are basically dedicated tank hunters now.
  • Panzerwerfers got moved to T4.
  • IS-2’s are much better than they used to be. No more Panzer 4’s reliably shrugging off rounds.
  • JU87 Stuka strafing runs no longer pin entire armies.
  • Clown car’ing M3 scout cars as the Soviets is much less viable.
  • T-70’s no longer able to run over infantry.
  • T-34 ram is no longer a 100% disable rate.
  • AT grenades and panzerfaust no longer cause a guaranteed engine damage status.
  • German weapon crews now have 4 squad members instead of 3, to compensate for having the last guy on most of them just run away.
  • MG42’s are no longer instant pin machines that lock down entire corridors on their own.
  • Flamenwerfer Halftracks much less effective.
  • Soviet T1 and T2 take much less time to build.
  • Everyone starts the game with twice as much man power as they used to. This was mostly intended to provide the Soviets with more options, but nine times out of ten it feels like I just get two conscripts at the start of the game rather than one.
  • Blitzkrieg no longer works on tanks with engine damage.
  • KV-8’s no longer guaranteed to kill all infantry it hits with a burst of fire. Still good against infantry.

Source: Reddit

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