Benchmarks confirm Company of heroes 2 performance issues

Finding that your rig can’t handle Company of Heroes 2, especially once the snow kicks in? You’re not the only one!

Hard OCP ran CoH2 across a range of graphics cards and found that even the ‘high end’ cards struggled to run the game at 2560×1600 on high settings, with most cards struggling to even run 1280×1024 at ‘medium’ or ‘high’ AA – they claim the AMD Radeon HD 7970 GHz Edition gives the most ‘bang for buck’.

Lets hope that Relic work on performance optimisation in the next patch, in the mean time rumours are that enabling ‘windowed’ mode or disabling the ‘replay’ feature improved performance, so it might be worth trying those options if your rig is struggling. But before you do that make sure you try running a PC optimiser to make sure your setup is at peak performance.

Head over to HardOCP for the full article and benchmark results.


Company of Heroes 2 is available now at Amazon and on Steam.

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