Soviet Hints and Tips

The Soviet Union in Company of Heroes combines large masses of infantry with quick mechanized armor into a formidable and aggresively oriented force. Players of vCoh and Opposing Fronts will notice the distinct similarities in playstyles and units between the Soviets , Americans, and Panzer Elite. A good Soviet Player will be aggressive and unrelenting onto his German opponent; breaching his defenses, overtaking his mgs, and burning his bunkers. He has numbers on his side, but time can play against him if he is not persistent in his aggression.

If you are new to the game, or struggling with the Soviets I’d highly reccomend SirRagesAlot unit guide at the steam forums.

In this guide he covers:

Strengths and Weaknesses vs Wermacht


  • Larger squad sizes
  • Mobility


  • Armour and Anti-tank is lacking in brute force (you’ll need a combination of armour, AT and squads to counter a few Panzer IV’s)
  • Defences aren’t as strong

Early game VS late game

Early game

  • Large squads sizes and quad speeds mean Soviets can cap fast and cover a lot of ground, and you should make the most of this to forced your opponent to play reactionary and defensive at the start of the game
  • German light vehicles can be disabled with anti-tank grenades but anything stonger than a halftrack will require a combination of AT gun and infantry support
  • As the Russians have the power at the start of the match it’s imperative that you keep pressure on the fuel points to prevent the Germans bringing out heavier vehicles before you can
  • Personally I opt in for molotovs early in the game and cap multiple points at once with the chance that the opponent won’t notice the throw and move his units out of the fire. This way you can take out a majority of his first few squads and force him to retreat, allowing you to keep pushing up and outcap

Late Game

  • Soviets must rely on a combination of tanks, AT guns and infantry to disable and destroy the German tanks
  • Strategically placed mines can aid in disabling tanks before they hit the front line. The speed of the Russian heavy tanks mean it’s easy to dart in and finish them off

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