Coh2 Unit Banter and Quotes

Unit banter was one of the great parts of the original CoH and it’s good to see they’ve added it to Company of Heroes 2.


“I am missing a biscuit! Stealing is not the Soviet way, comrades!”

“Why are you angry? I told you, I did not steal your biscuit.”

“I told my mother we’d see Elefants, Panthers, and Tigers. She thought I was visiting the Moscow Zoo.”

“Workers of the Union, UNITE!”

“I wonder what the Americans put in SPAM. It is a magical taste!”

“It is true, comrade Stalin would never lie!”

“No, I am not defending German armor superiority, I am stating THE FUCKING OBVIOUS!

“The American workers must long to embrace Communism!”

“Our leaders DO know what they are doing!”

“Our commanders do have a plan, but it is not always a good one.

“Some talk about women, some talk about drinking. Me, I miss the food. What is so wrong about that?”

“Yes, I am Russian, but we are not all required to like vodka.”

“That Capitalist vehicle is being put to good Soviet use.”

“Blyat! I stepped on dog shit!”

“Look on the bright side! We could have been in Siberia!”

“Do the Germans get fucked around like us?”

“I would like some good American socks.”

“I could go for some more German sausages.”

“What are we having for dinner?”

“Enough with that talk, or I’ll have you reported!”

“I am not going to live through this battle, I can feel it.

“They shot my best friend right in front of me… He saved an officer’s life but deserted his post in doing so.”

“See? I told you those things are big, rolling, targets.”

“Coffee is nice, but I prefer a nice cup of tea.”

“It was a cold night, with 6 Germans in a trench. Romantic I know. Except they were all frozen dead.”

“I saw a helmet sticking out, so I shot, but he didn’t stir. I shot again, he didn’t fall. Turns out, he was frozen stiff!”

“Anyone up to play some cards?”

“I want to get some German cooking utensils. They have the best steel.”

“You smell that? That isn’t wood.”


“I don’t always shoot to kill.”

“I asked to be in artillery. I’m very good at math!”

“This is such nice weather, don’t you think?”

“Maybe we should join with the Americans and the British. Push the Russians out of Europe.

“I do feel bad for them… But, we must win this war.”

“Dieter was a drecksack! And I am glad that he is dead!”

“Peter do you have any of that brandy left?”

“They sent Hans to France. I won’t miss his coffee, that’s for sure.” (CoH 1 reference)

“Yes really, a whore-house! The mayor was one of our best customers too, until we called in his credit.”

“The blizzard was so bad, that this Soviet tank drove so close I could touch it. They had no idea!”

“That bottle of schnaps would be nice now… To warm us up.”

“I appreciate these new winter uniforms, but so do my lice those evil, little, motherfuckers.”

“My rifle, my helmet, three grenades, and my dick. I am always prepared.”

“I am not always angry, only when you are around.”

“Communism is a spreading rot. It must be stopped.”

“Ja, I am going to hell. I have a hand-basket all picked out.”

“A wounded enemy makes the rest of them scared.”

“I would trade anything right now for a cigarette. I’d trade my Iron Cross, ANYTHING for a cigarette.”

“They say ‘fortune favors the bold’, but every brave man I know is dead.”

“Cold-blooded? Nothing cold-blooded about me. I get quite worked-up.”

“I saw one of my first students the other day. He’s an officer now.”

“I just want 10 minutes alone, with my schnaps.”

“Chewed me out for not saluting. But, I had my hands full. I say he was being a real prick.” (CoH 1 German Officer reference)

“That is some ragged shooting. I wonder if the crew survived.”

“Waste of… Good materials…”

“This one girl can do it standing on her head, while singing too!”

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