Company of heroes 2 Beta – initial observations

The Company of heroes 2 beta is now available for anyone who pre-ordered the game on Steam, and prior to April 1st via Amazon (Click here to pre-order now if you haven’t already), and even though it is still in Beta the game is tight and plays brilliantly with only a few standout annoyances so far:

Mortars are far too powerful

Mortar teams set up a lot faster, and are far more accurate than we are used to seeing in COH1 – and can sometimes take out a a whole squad in a single round. In near every game I have played so far the opponent has commented on this.

The Tactical Map isn’t very clear

In CoH1 the tactical map could be used to monitor troop movement from afar, however in the CoH2 beta the unit icons are dull and you cannot determine unit types from their icon indicator.

Comparison of the CoH and  CoH2 Beta tactical maps

From what I can see there isn’t actually a button for the tactical map in the HUD (you can access it by pressing numpad 0), which means this feature is most likely still in development

The tutorials don’t cover some of the new features

Although it’s not difficult to work out some of the new features, it would be nice to have a tutorial which covers the differences between COH1 and COH2. Such features include the ‘Cusomizer’ (where you can add ‘intelligence bulletins’ to your armies and grant them additional bonuses), the new resource capture/securing features, how the new command points work, and the new squad management features (merging squads etc).

The final game is going to amazing

Fortunately the dev team are pushing out updates left-right-and-center (with the help of Steam), which means these issues might be addressed rather quickly.

In summary – given that this is the Beta and it’s already impressive, the final game is going to be brilliant.

Company of Heroes 2 is available now at Amazon and on Steam.

3 thoughts on “Company of heroes 2 Beta – initial observations

  1. FYI Players who were part of the alpha test last year have access to the beta now. There must have been a glitch. I have not preordered but played the alpha and could download the beta. Today, the official Twitter account announced that they had given alpha players early access… But I think its more because they could not contain the bug.

    • Yeah it sure is. Good news is that they’ve updated the non-disclosure agreement and you’re now allowed to discuss the Beta, as long as you’re not posting screenshots of videos.

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