COH2 Beta Patch Changelog

You may have noticed some changes to the Company of heroes 2 Beta, here’s a full list of the changes: - Tuesday April 16, 7:54am

fix some cases where units would shoot at dead bodies.
updated player colours to be more distinct
fixed performance issue after playing multiple game
fix rare crash fix that would happen in the middle of a match - Tuesday April 16, 2:12am

    Fix alt-tab/alt-enter resolution change issues when switching between fullscreen and windowed modes.
    Fatal exit on corrupt files that fail crc check

Vehicle Health Changes

    health values will be 160/320/640/960/1280 on all vehicles
    damage values will be 40/80/160/320 on all ballistic tank weapons
    armored car, M3A1 are considered 160 hp units
    t70, su76 and halftracks are considered 320 hp units
    su85, t34, ostwind, panzer 4, stug are considered 640 hp units
    Panther and Brummbar are considered 960 hp units
    elefant, tiger, isu152, is2 are considered 1280 hp units
    Rates of fire on weapons whose damage changed were adjusted to maintain similar overall behavior
    Costs were compensated on 1 off attacks like panzerfaust and at grenade

Infantry Anti Tank

    Panzerschreck damage from 80 to 120
    Panzerschreck upgrade cost from 75 to 120, grants 2 weapons
    PTRS rate of fire from 3.6 to 5

Halftrack Armor

    Reduce the armor of the halftrack from 33 to 11
    Reduce rear armor of halftrack from 16.5 to 5.5
    Increase the price of the soviet halftrack by 40 manpower and 10 fuel

IS2 Update

    IS-2: Penetration from 110 to 150.
    AOE: 5 to 4.
    Acceleration: 1.5 to 1.65
    Deceleration: 4.2 to 4.62
    Max speed: 4.95
    Rotation: 27.5
    Price: from 560/210 to 600/200.
    Reload time from 8.25 to 8.75.


    Removed the slowdown on multiplayer cold mechanic
    Slowing down the vp tickers to the rate from coh
    Setting the fire pit heat radius to 7.5

Company of Heroes 2 is available now at Amazon and on Steam.

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