COH2 Beta Review

Relic News Forum moderator Hirmetrium had a hands on with the COH2 beta, here’s some of what he had to say:

  • Mortars have been made RIDICULOUS. The explosive effects and sounds we’re shocking to the system, and looked amazing.
  • Vaulting was shown off – already well covered – you click on a bit of wall and the men jump over. Squad AI did seem a LITTLE touch and go here, but they seem to be able to jump over them pretty well.
  • True sight was shown off with a bunch of trees.
  • MG42 noise was shown off – still rocked my ears off.
  • Soviet MG is on wheels, has a largish squad (4-5?).
  • Pak’s also have a visual upgrade – I didn’t see the shell travel, but the explosive effect of it against the tank armour was impressive.
  • They have redoubled all efforts on AI – they know that a majority of players play vs. the computer, and want to recognise that. They also want the campaign AI to be decent, for the best possible experience. We saw some AI german soldiers flank a soviet MG, and proceed to miss (narrowly) with a grenade. Still some work to do there, Relic!
  • They wanted tanks to feel like “30 tonne diesel snorting monsters”. Best line of the presentation.
  • The demo closed with a german plane blowing a T34 sky high.
  • Steamworks for DRM
  • Campaign is purely Russian. Germans are obviously in for MP.
  • There was talk of DLC – but they definitely aren’t confirming anything yet. It’s still very, very early days for them and they are still on approach to alpha – DLC is a long way off.
  • A shorthand for why COH:O was killed was for COH2 to flourish. The team didn’t want to split efforts, and decided to focus on one product.
  • DMO has caused a lot of restructuring for Relic. They are, naturally, pretty devastated, but are lucky that most of the COH team are intact and able to work on COH2.
  • They are pretty relieved that COH2 is announced. They have been silent for 3 years – insert link to penny arcade strip with the blizzard guy having a bomb in his head if he talks.
  • They are thrilled by the reaction to COH2. Nice to know they are wanted.
  • Co-operative – I didn’t get a straight answer. The line was “they aren’t talking about that” and “they are looking at other products and aware people like to play with their friends”. I’d take that as a yes.
  • Commander trees aren’t being talked about. They want to bring back “core mechanics”, and this is one of them. I suspect, given the hush hush, commander trees are going to see some changes, maybe ig ones. The fact nothing was being said, and I was given the core mechanics line tells me they are working on it still.
  • Base building is in. I was told “this isn’t going to be like DOW2, we want to recreate the experience of the original”. I’d say that bodes pretty well.

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Company of Heroes 2 is available now at Amazon and on Steam.

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