IGN has a sneak peak at what COH2 has to offer

IGN had a hands-on with COH2, and revealed some of the new gameplay dynamics.

Using resources 

Relic is giving you the option to choose what resource you need in Company of Heroes 2. In an effort to encourage players to battle over more areas of the map, Relic leaves it to players to determine which resources are important…. Previously, if you knew they were capturing a lot of fuel you could predict what they might be gearing up to, but now you have to do more scouting and stay on your toes.

Capping resources

Company of Heroes 2 still allows you to order a squad to capture a point in this way, but alternatively they can just sit within a small radius of a point to take it. It’s a seemingly minor change, but it means that combat around points can become a lot more interesting, as each side is vying to see who can stay within proximity of a point long enough to capture it.

New Russian Units – the ‘conscript’

…large groups of units great for absorbing fire and can merge with other units to reinforce them on the field. For instance, if you had a machine gun crew down to one guy, you could use a conscript squad to bring them back up to their original size. These squads are cheap and efficient, and a bit unnerving when you realize how little value these peasants’ lives hold unless they’re used in specific ways.

COH2 Is set for release in early 212.

For the full article head over to IGN.


Company of Heroes 2 is available now at Amazon and on Steam.

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