Company of Heroes 2 Features Announced!

A magazine in the UK has released a issue outlining the new installation of Company of Heroes, with an release date of 2013.

According to the source, the game will be set on the Eastern front where Stalingrad, Smolensk, Kursk and Moscow, the location where “13 of the 15 bloodiest battles” of World War II took place.

Click here to see the article for youself.

Some of the new features include

“The flame effect gets even better as Matthew directs them (the flamer squad) towards the farmhouse itself. The building catches fire, the snow on its roof begins to melt, and its walls collapse as the Germans inside flee.”

“This snow has depth, will spread procedurally, and will compact when rolled over by tanks.” “tanks can get bogged down in deep snowdrifts, infantry can use it to flank. It provides a blanket of cover for the land’s actual terrain”

“Matthew orders his Soviet soldiers to a wall at the back of the farmhouse. Like everything, the wall can be destroyed, but before the Germans have the chance, Matthew orders his men to vault over it.”

After retreating his Soviet soldiers from a German MG squad pinning them… “Another machinegun is waiting for them. This one is operated by fellow Soviet soldiers. They glumly open fire, carrying out Order 227 and killing their own.”

“Relic calls this ‘True Sight'”…”You can only see what your soldiers see. That means that you never know what might be on the other side of the next building, beyond the treeline, or even beyond the smoke of your own smoke grenades.”

But best of all… “Company of Heroes 2 isn’t about different, it’s about new, and it’s about more.”

AND “Relic have resisted the temptation to shoehorn needless modes and mini-games in where they’re not welcome.”

“We want more authenticity, we want more realism, we want more tactical improvements.”

“Company of Heroes 2 should satisfy existing fans first and foremost.”


Company of Heroes 2 is available now at Amazon and on Steam.

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    • Well I guess you can retreat and just hope at least one guy makes it back to base so you can reinforce off him!

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