COH2 Features Sneak Peak

Some of the upcoming Company of Heroes 2 features have been revealed in a recent issue of PC Action.

  • 110 people work on COH2
  • Again the right use of the dynamic game environment is important, not the amount of troops
  • Campaign takes place from 22. June 1941 until Berlin 1945
  • Producer Greg Wilson says that Essence 3.0 is on eye level (right translation? ) with Call of Duty or Battlefield
  • HDR Light, SSAO, new water renderer
  • BUT they also promise better performance for all PC Systems than in vCOH and Addons
  • True sight examples: Use Smoke Grenades to sneak through areas without uncovering your best troops. Or blow a gap in a wall to see what is behind it.
  • The weather is extremely realistic. Snow gathers on static objects and gets blown away by explosions.
  • Snow has variable depth so it effects infantry¬†movement speeds as they track through it.
  • Flame throwers can destroy a house completely. It will slowly burn down until it can’t be used anymore.
  • Soldiers now can jump over their cover
  • The AI in the campaign is now not scripted anymore, they use the same AI as in skirmish mode, which makes it much more interesting.
  • Retreat means death in the campaign
  • The recoil when the T-34 shoots even affects the environmental physics.
  • They want the coop mode to be really big, because a high amount of players prefered to play with other players against the AI
  • German troops stand out with their advanced technology compared with the russians, upgrades and tactical use of special abilities are more important for the Wehrmacht than for the Soviets
  • The Russians rely on mass and brute force.
  • The developers don’t want to tell us yet if tanks can break through ice but they said:¬†“Don’t underestimate General snow and General mud!”
  • You are able to steal the enemies vehicles

Company of Heroes 2 is available now at Amazon and on Steam.

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