DECEMBER 10th HOTFIX BALANCE UPDATES OKW After analyzing play data from the weekend we saw an increase in early tank usage for the Oberkommando West. We are releasing a targeted change to directly reduce that usage and to bring the OKW on par with the other four factions. Panzer IV Ausf. J Medium Tank * […]


DECEMBER 3 UPDATE GENERAL UPDATES NEW COMMANDERS Oberkommando West – Overwatch Doctrine * Goliath * Forward Receivers * Early Warning * For the Fatherland * Sector Assault US Forces – Tactical Support Company * M1919A6 Light Machine Gun * P47 Recon Run * M5 Half-Track Transport * P47 Strafing Run * M4 Sherman Calliope Learn […]

Sept 4th Hotfix

Fixed a crash in the AI system. Fixed a crash associated with the use of the British Forces Glider.

Added prioritize vehicle back to medium tanks

Added prioritize vehicle back to medium tanks Removed extra modifiers on grenadiers Fixed issue with USF mine not using proper mine Fixed CP requirements for rifleman fighting position Fixed DSHK regained suppression and incremental accuracy values that it was given in previous update Fixed 120 Mortar Cost back to 330 Fixed an issue with Tank […]

Release notes for today’s minor update:

Release notes for today’s minor update: 2 Crash Fixes Fixed an issue where old games that are no longer joinable are appearing on the custom games list Map Entry Point Fix for Wolf’s LairPlease Note: Fix for the Map will break any Replays and Skirmish Save Games (on Wolf’s Lair only)

July 21 Update

This update will go live on July 21st at 10:00am PST The primary focus of the July 21st update is to continue the design upgrade of the existing factions to improve the overall balance of all factions in preparation for the introduction of the British Forces. This is the second phase migration of changes seen […]