Company of Heroes 2 Gameplay Preview talked to COH2 game director Quinn Duff, and he explains the new “True Sight” feature, AI and vehicle improvements. Source:

IGN has a sneak peak at what COH2 has to offer

IGN had a hands-on with COH2, and revealed some of the new gameplay dynamics. Using resources  Relic is giving you the option to choose what resource you need in Company of Heroes 2. In an effort to encourage players to battle over more areas of the map, Relic leaves it to players to determine which […]

COH2 – Russian weather will change game dynamics

Interviews with the CoH2 development team reveal that Russian winter will add some new and exciting features to the game. Snow will impede unit movement dramatically Footsteps and vehicle tracks leave a history of what’s passed through the area Snipers’ must be weary to not leave footprints as they will soon be tracked down by […]

COH 2 at E3

There was a preview of Company of Heroes 2 at E3 – Check out the review over at internode.

New screenshots

Some new Company of Heroes 2 screenshots have been realeased showing a small tank firefight and the effect fire has on buildings.